dev notes

software development craftsmanship


I am working as a professional developer since 2008. During the last years, I got in touch with a lot of different technolgies.

You can take a look at my recent projects, I was working on.

Experienced in

IOT Erlang Elixir Phoenix Framework 99s Cowboy Elixir Plug Python Haskell JavaScript TypeScript Karma Jasmine Node.js Gulp Webpack CSS Bulma (CSS) Bootstrap (CSS) LESS SASS Material-UI Angular Kendo UI Ionic React Vue.js ExtJS PostgreSQL pl/pgSQL pl/python Linux Gentoo Linux Ubuntu Makefile Bash Vim Docker VirtualBox Vagrant QEMU .NET Framework C# F-Sharp VB.NET XAML Telerik Visual Studio MS SQL Server T-SQL MongoDb Git XML(DOM/SAX) XSD XSLT Jira Confluence Jenkins AWS Azure Terraform

Lemonbeat GmbH

January 2019 - til now

I am working on a distributed IOT platform in the residential real estate area, where data from devices, normaly found in basements like heating systems or water pumps can send data to the cloud.

NWB Verlag GmbH

September 2017 - December 2018

It was my responsibility to develop new products for the German tax industrie. I created a job platform for tax specialist, with a simple matching algorithm.


July 2016 - August 2017

The i-SOLUTIONS Health GmbH creates hospital information systems for decades.

As hospitals write letters to resident doctors, I have created a solution to send encrypted and signed letters via gematik network.

protel hotelsoftware GmbH

July 2012 - June 2016

During my time at protel , I built a booking interface for the Best Western Hotels , where prices, availabilities, guests and reservations are syncronized between the Best Western systems and the protel systems.

As protel wanted to provide more guest information for their customers, I developed a survey application , which is deeply integrated into the protel core software.

Protel provides a web booking engine for their customers. I created a billing engine , which is syncronized with the protel ERP system.

Protels software uses over 30000 labels over different applications. I developed a localisation tool , where every customer can define own translations.

GHX Europe GmbH

October 2009 - June 2012

The GHX Europe GmbH operates an order platform in the healthcare industry. It connects healhcare suppliers with hospitals and hospital groups.

As price negotiations can be very complex, I created a price database where these price negotiations can be visualized.

Some hospital groups buy products worth over one billion Euros a year. For this case, I created a datawarehouse with an OLAP cube .

Normally the ERP systems of healthcare suppliers and hospitals are deeply connected. But there are some suppliers, which are working with fax devices. I created a system, which can generate customized fax documents from xCBL (XML based) data, and send them to the supplier.

isc integrated software concepts AG

July 2008 - June 2009

I created a configration tool for a access controll system , where user data like fingerprints are stored.